How to Hire The Best Photographer or Filmmaker in Finland

It’s hard to find a good portrait photographer in Finland these days, so I’ve written this guide on what to look for when choosing one who’ll produce the best possible photos.

Our Questionnaire Tips for your Photographer or Cinematographer / Film-maker
What to Ask?

1. General – What You Need to Know? (about scene, us, atmosphere, etc.,)

2. What is your primary style?

3. How many sessions have you shot, and have you shot ones similar to mine?

4. How many times have you worked specifically as a (portraiture, wedding, etc.,) photographer?

5. How many other events will you photograph that weekend? Are you overbooked?

6. Will a contract of the services be provided? If so, can I get a copy?

7. What happens if the photographer is ill?

8. Do you have Insurance?

9. Does the package I am interested in include an assistant?

10. Does your studio allow me to choose a certain style of post production?

11. Will you color correct my images?

12. What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?

13. Should my event last longer than scheduled, will you stay? Is there an extra charge?*

*Knowing up front the photographers policy on overages is critical. You don’t want to be surprised when your wedding photographer asks for an additional (e.g.: $1,000) before they release your pictures to you. Even worse, you don’t want your (e.g.; wedding, corporate) photographer to just pack up and leave when their time is up.

14. What attire will the photographer and their assistants wear?

15. How long after the event will the proofs, album, etc be ready?


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