Google Could Not Find That

Google is not there, where are all our/your customers.

Google can not find customers just like that.

But how’s that? Because the potential customers are afraid?

It’s tough to speak up and say the thing that needs to be said in the moment, especially when there’s fear in the room. That is often the case at work.

Every working person runs into the situation eventually where they have to speak up and live with the consequences of their truth-telling, or be silent and live with their regrets.

When you name the elephant in the room, you’ll shift the energy. There may be uncomfortable ripples. You may feel the energy shift and feel that you bore the brunt of someone else anger just because you said what everyone in the room was thinking. Then you  might feel angry and resentful, and resolve never to name an elephant again.

With luck, that pained reaction will be short-lived. You’ll realize that staying silent out of fear of someone else reaction is a kind of weakness. You are no weakling! You’ll learn to speak your truth and let other people react however they like.

Your job on this planet is not to say what the people around you want or expect to hear.

When you speak up and tell the truth, you grow the very same muscles we all need to grow in this new-millennium workplace.


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