So you’ve got your product sorted, you know how to get it to your customers and you know how to get the money rolling in. Now you need a website.

  1. You can build a website for free yourself (do some research on internet)
  2. Paying for it with equity
  3. Paying for it at the weekend (your weekend’s job)


  • Decide whether you want to create your own website or get someone else to do it for you. Then write down what you want your website to do. What functions will it need, both now and later? E-commerce? A blog? Videos? The ability  for customers to post reviews? And will designing it be a one-off task or will it need continually to evolve?
  • To find a website designer, go to a free networking event for small businesses being held in your area and ask around for recommendations. Also draw up a list of websites which you like to look of and contact the designer direct – they will have put their name or business at the bottom of first page.
  • Once your website is up and running, check it constantly to make sure it is always up and functioning properly. If not, switch to a more reliable server.


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