When you are starting a business from scratch you have to learn how to think free, often it can feel as if everywhere you look there are a hundred things for you to spend money on. Stop right there. Just because something is there doesn’t mean you need it – and if you do need it that doesn’t mean you have to spend money getting it. Here’s how to get everything you need for free:

  1. Work from home
  2. Use the skills you already have
  3. Use the resources you have at your fingertips
  4. Do all the work yourself – and don’t pay yourself a wage
  5. Hold on to the day job
  6. Source free equipment
  7. Tap into free inspiration
  8. Access free research
  9. Get a grant
  10. Learn the business skills you need for free
  11. Make the most of free technology
  12. Make use of existing local infrastructure

12 point as 12 hours of preparation 🙂


  • Find out what free local business networking groups are in your area. Join Them.
  • Think about the existing infrastructure in your area which you can take advantage of – a half-empty hotel? A little-used town hall? A theatre which is only used in the evenings?
  • Write down a list of the resources you already have to hand, and skills you have which you could charge for.


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