THE ROOM 3 CLUB #1 part


It was Saturday night fever, that made me think: about what kind of fuck is this all about???

yep that damn morning changed directions..

So here’s how:

Monday ’till Saturday those forty-hour-per-week warriors showed up at work and got the shit beat of them (fight of thoughts)

  • Make yourself an offer that you can’t refuse, so don’t hesitate and surefire way to get hired.. get spearheaded into kitchen in middle of night whatever, wherever, get inspired, (power of suggestion)

  • Because It’s the principle! Learn when to make a point, don’t fuck about going around, get it straight.

  • Have you ever thought why were the Mobsters in the newspapers so old? They loved what they have done, and therefore never worked a single day in their life. Don’t dream about unreal things, and if one dream is dashed, dream up the another one.

  • Hide your tricks and guns and help the old man across the street – Family values, don’t get into some “I’m something and you are nothing” attitude especially in home in family.

  • Start not taking notes instead start sharpening your memory, otherwise you will end up dumb in lots of yellow sticky notes or even worse digital notes.

  • Don’t end up in the trunk of a car or abandoned in foreign country without nobody & nothing. Avoid office or class politics, basically learn when to shut the fuck up. You don’t have your mouth just for badmouthing.

  • Have you ever thought how can three people keep a secret? Easily only if two are dead!

  • Have do know why Italians cut up pigs and cook them in the greed sauce?

  • It’s always good to go to a funeral as long as it’s not your, mind the power of networking there.

  • Ole blue eyes, why everyone love Sinatra?

  • Start turning garbage into gold, learn when to sniff out opportunity

  • If something’s up, always roll up your sleeves but keep your pants on

  • Even the walls have ears, and therefore never bad-mouth the boss.

  • Did you wash your car or screw it in the muffler? Start practicing your verbal skills

  • If you count on yourself then you’ll never be counted out!

  • Any idea how Lucky Luciano with Tommy-gun became lucky? no? good..then make your own luck, by the age 23 you should know which are your master skills

  • Never forget that the bank of favors pays the highest interest!

  • You know why “The Mr. Chin” wore pajamas to work? No? anyway, power of playing dumb is important in everyday life!

  • Think about the school of hard knocks: get your life experience sorted, learn from own mistakes.

  • Once friend of mine asked me: “Is this phone tapped?” since then on daily basis I always watched what I said.

  • Rather slap your opponent or yourself (to play dumb), if so, you understand and respect the chain of consequences, good.

  • Always go get your own coffee! and sometimes take some for fellas too, if you can master and respect this chain of visual commands without being a sucker then you are rising star!

  • Which one which you rather take? Kill or be killed? Have you thought about denying orders from above?

  • Plato? Didn’t he owned that swingers club? or isn’t he that famous comedian? Always be informed!

  • Where are my fucking money? Paying promptly is the best way to succeed!

  • Shut it down, learn when to keep quiet, and never tip your hand over somebody unless is necessary

  • Think about key to growth, anyhow, to any way.

  • Let them reach the right place, master your patience skills

  • STICK YOUR HANDOUTS UP YOUR A**…., You have to cultivate aggressiveness and master vulgar skills.

  • Learn how to be master of your own fate, not a master of disguises.

And if you’ve done it ’till here.. well.. I am not trying to find nobody else to be..


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