THE ROOM 3 CLUB #2 part


Yeap, it was worth to follow the path to middle management:


  • Bacon, Lettuce and Dimitri
    only you are responsible for your crew

  • How to hit your target without gun:
    Motivating your people

  • Let’s meet in the back for a sit-down:
    Mediating disputes and the art of compromise

  • When to take bullet for the boss?
    Whenever you are in the end

  • Why hitman tell jokes over a dead body
    Why employee tell jokes over a done job
    bonding with subordinates

  • Damian’s shot: Never kills a good idea

  • Toss the dice high: How to deal with unreasonable ultimatums

  • How to bury the hatchet – but not in someone’s head

  • Take that stone from my shoe: Master the skills: firing and hiring

  • The toughest guy have the thinnest skin:Never embarrass someone in public

  • Not turning yellow, but going green: Keep up with the world

  • Flashiness can end in the flash of gun: Master your modesty

  • How to make bagmen pull the trigger: Confidence building

  • Seize the bull by the horns – and rip off it’s balls: The fast and deceive leadership

  • Just get the job done: beyond flexibility

  • They shot him twelve times and he lived: Most problems take care of themselves.

  • Luigi, you know who my uncle is? Everyone is important

  • What am I a panecook? What people really think about you

  • Play the fence and you’re sure to fall off

  • Italians talk with their hands: master body language

  • Deliver the goods: Stand behind your name: Power of trademark

  • Fireproof your ass: Never let anyone light a flame under you

  • Go to bat for your guys: Loyalty to your employees

  • Rest in peace: In lakeside cabin not in early grave: How to take break and coming back refreshed

  • Do not split yourself in half: The wrong decision is better than none at all

  • New York was not build in a day: Master patience

  • Giovanni and Giancarlo: The lessons of history and how to search them

  • Time to go: How to leave the organization

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