Scavenger song – Apocalypse and Post-apocalypse version

We are
the magnificent masters
of pyramids

we are
the ancients

we come
from a far
and we are
without ending

we are outside
of your hands
there will
be victory

Fear us
our ancestors
future generations
and past

There we are reborn
there is someone to rule on

No prisoners!

past generations
uniting the wastelands

Save us
from the passivity
that harms

uniting the wastelands

and also very cliche language:

Nos Sumus Magni Eri
Munitores Pyramidum

Nos sumus flamines
nos sumus maiores

Nos venimus a longe
et nos sumus sine fine

extra manum tuam sumus
ibi sumus ad vincendum

Nos timeatis
maiores nostri
mundi futuri
et praeteriti

[choir of people | apocalypse riders]

ibi sumus denuo
hominem ad dominandum

[we will reborn and reign over people]

[choir of people] non capimus
no prisoners

[choir of people] Salva nos a somno malo!
Salva nos
[spare us the nightmare spare us]

avia copula
[destructors connecting with grandmotherlands]

The End

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