Sandpaper kisses #4 – Good Bye Vlieland

I have decided to leave my teeny-tiny peaceful island of art, decision has been made probably while I got supercharged by Moet. Basically I have find out there is loads and loads of opportunities and challenges that you have to try or at least you have to have a drive for that. Tomorrow 04-01-2017 I’ll be available for a very last time in person, that might be for some people like “finally” for some it might be like wtf, and for those who understand these crazy sacrificial chess movements it’s absolutely normal. During busy days I found it really difficult to maintain together four companies with limited liability, and supervising our network of digital content incl. digital goods for sale and therefore I am moving to the next level; I have become a part of inner circle now; hiring a very good secretary; and constantly contributing to the clouds.

with love









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