5 Simple Steps for you to start doing what you enjoy

This feeling doesn’t have to end up closing the laptop straightaway or runaway from the office. In this case, your life has not been living without worrying about a clash of ideas that haunt you every moment of when you’re trying to breathe effortless.

It is no wonder that in such a state you are not in mood going out with friends or for dinner with boyfriend/girlfriend. Is obviously hard to relax when you head is constantly at work flow.

  • Think of what would you do if you get rewarded equally (money, paychecks, etc.,) no matter what work/activity you do.

I don’t believe that if people can have ability to choose a work, everybody would choose to become a CEO or top manager, no I don’t believe that. You have to follow your heart and therefore if you love doing for example hand-made pottery then do it! Don’t dream about becoming Las Vegas Businessman, or Japanese independent criminal lawyer. Just do what you love to do no matter in which state you are in. If you just starting then according to the day-job start slowly than quitting a job and disappointed because things didn’t work-out that fast as you thought, be respectful and thankful for chance to actually create something from nothing, in last century they weren’t so lucky!

  • Go out (right about now) and look around

You see those rushing people? Constantly rushing somewhere on daily basis, you think they are happy? They love what they do? Every other is carrying different load in shape of mortgage, loans, medical problems or problems with relationships anything from family to angry boss. Out there is quantum of not awakened geniuses and some of them don’t even know where they going (what a shame). These people are let’s say in 50 years in pure oblivion, unless they unlock themselves. Start from yourself be more positive, nothing will change if you going to be still complaining about people how bad they are, how selfish they are and what a mess left behind them! If they cannot accept you today, that doesn’t necessarily means they cannot accept you tomorrow!

  • If you love doing something, stick with it at all cost

If you have some hobby you are obviously not alone, everybody has. But they cannot be all over the world at the same time. People are awesome.

  • Go visit nature

A lot of people trying to disconnect from nature just because of modern age, but if you like that or not we are part of the nature anyway. Go for walk to the forest or to the lakeside and the best thoughts come in silence.

  • Do not copy bad habits

If you like to use behavior from closest persons around you, start not doing so, most influential persons are always around you, just have to stick with them. Start seeing things differently since now on!


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