Photography Intermezzo #10 Time flies when you’re having fun

Supercharged by incredible 162th cup of coffee this year.. this crazy idea came up (at some point) how to make photo-shoot just behind the house in cemetery, am talking about night shoot with dimmed lights with local model dressed in white, barefoot with down-looking scenery. Along with clocks as the light pulled tighter spots in cemetery shows brighter and brighter. Boudoir composition may take a place if dark princess would feel comfortable as home.

Thursday – at this stage am pulling out some of the most serious strings in my photography ideas as tomorrow is day “D” with test shoots.

And time flies when you’re having fun, as am sitting on couch sketching the scenery and composition of shoot, freshly baked pizza is making up my mind, while DJ Fawad is about to drop his beats in Arabic dance mix


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