Truth about Cinematography

Truth about cinematography

It’s interesting cos cinematography is such a subjective thing.

Like how I think about it it’s something totally different then you will think about it.
Some people love to show everything, to me, that’s the most boring shit you ever see..
So pay attention but take it with salt of grain maybe?!
So where do you start, what is good cinematography?

To me it’s something that strengthen the story something that tells a story in the images without saying it in words
You should not need dialog with great cinematography

And it should create the moods and the feelings and should create the presence for you as audience to be in the picture and seen with the people that you watching. Like it should become more real with the cinematography, at least that’s what I think
Light is like most important element in movies.

Without good light, I don’t think there’s good cinematography. I think that’s true. When you work with darks, that’s kind of hard, like that’s one of the biggest things that I focus on in my films is capture the right light.
I come from documentary background. Documentary still photos. So then you get used pretty much shoot everything in existence lighting that is there. That kind of makes you adopted to that. So you shoot when right light is there. I usually go out in blue hour or like when sun is setting those type of things. I try to shoot whenever I see pretty light, now I am also in studio so I can light up stuff but otherwise I try to shoot as soon as I see good like, I shoot it and I think you can learn a lot from watching light. Anybody inspired to become cinematographer needs sort of focus on light. Like light is cinematography. You have to focus on like.. you get unique character and all that you need to have unique lighting. It doesn’t mean it’s pretty light. It means it has to be something unique that creates unique atmosphere that is true to story. It could be anything, you know, anything that’s only lid with 1 light it could be 3 light.I don’t know, anything. But sky is the limit I guess.
Another thing is leaving the right stuff out and keeping the right stuff in; for instance you know deciding on perspective is one of the most key things to me. Imagine scenery staged scenery.. I tried to capture the whole environment trying to create the mood through imagery then on later.. as we got up we moving closer and closer to capture intimacy of characters, that’s delivers choice and you have to make it as it happen. That’s why I love documentary cinematography because you really have to be quick to capture those things. And when you doing documentary everything is real not staged! You are experiencing this whole film in reality. It’s really thing for you, for me that’s what you need to capture. Great cinematography captures whatever you feel on set.
On scene everything could turns into interesting prospective, it has to be more intimate. Everything has to be telephoto. everything is close ups, nothing is wide shoots. It such a intimate and fragile moment.
And when you doing comedy you trying to do something totally different.
I didn’t study cinematography
Who fucking study cinematography anyway?!
“Images should be the only pleasing pictorial aesthetic, but projection of the emotions that the character discovering themselves” for sure!

People who just make pretty pictures;
go fuck yourself!
It doesn’t matter, like you making pretty picture?
There’s so many blogs and vlogs out there, they do like a collage of nice pictures & moody music.
It’s same shit in every video!
Please invent yourself!!!
Cinematography is very technical and of course like, images should be pretty in some sense. Like it can be dirty pretty ugly pretty it can be dark pretty.
Don’t make just make stuff because it just looks good try to think about story. Everything in cinematography to me has to do with stories.
You cannot make great cinematography if you don’t tell a story. To me you tell a story by not telling everything. You tell a story by not saying things in words. You use the cinematic language. And that’s isn’t just cinematography it’s also audio-visual aspect of everything. So audio, pictures, you know, acting all those things has to come up together, the music. You have to use all those things. Because that is the language. Language isn’t cinematography or spoken words & dialogs. You have to use everything to tell a story.
So if you stop thinking about cinematography

But start thinking about story

Than I think pictures will come for themselves.

With love..


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