Photography Intermezzo #12 – My Helsinki

Good Morning.. Ladies & gentleman, first of all I would like to say that I had this beautiful opportunity and kind of like order in our company, to go to Helsinki (Finland) to do some audio-video recording at International conference bonded with Red Cross Committee – Geneva.

Direct photos from Conference are strictly private and for political purposes only! So I am not going to post them, therefore I am posting photos and story captured alongside in Helsinki.

Everyone knows that Finland as country is a bit ahead with technology and electronics so I found this incredible clean design with graffiti

*This graffiti is actually one of the most impressive that We have ever seen all over the world. It does not show individuall approach as many young artist try to show to world. It shows globally how “Finns” thinks!

Sophisticated message in graffiti

Smart Graffiti in Helsinki

While we continue walking through stoned parks massive stone park in walking pathmassive walking park at walking path

We have discovered this abandoned amusement park, which looked so impressive just because it was left “just like that” and shuted down couple of years ago, especially because of these colorful fences and constructions it has made such a interesting stop on our trip.
After like 20mins of walking we went towards to lake Töölönlahti next to central Helsinki Railway Station which is very relaxed place to switch-off and got local swans.

On outskirts of this lake there were several lake-side houses available for rent now, but in past they used to be open-terrace caffés – every single one was runned by successful buisines driven-person.

And this beautiful blue house was currently occupied with German tourists at the time. These tones of blue reminds me a

As we walked alongside this lake..towards to Helsinki′s Railway Station, we have noticed quality massive wood, at handles on walking path all the lenght to the station.

massive wood handles all at walking path towards to national railway station

There could not have been missing tradition “train kiss”

Traditional “train kiss” by Finntrain company.

And by now we have spotted the sign; “MY HELSINKI” which was quite dominant at first place but the size of fonts were actually more impressive (roughly around 6-7meters)

My Helsinki sing in middle of city center.

We decided to continue through railway station towards to city center, where we have been booked for 2nights, but we could have overlook this huge jib at building area, there was construction of one of the most design shopping center mall going on and therefore we have to capture ultimate ambient atmosphere at workplace with only one worker, but on backgroung you can see that Finns are much more ahead with building design, even-though they like to refurbish every 3-4 years.

Incredible details of old traditional finnish building and behind is jib at construction place.

little bit of bicycle mess, inspired by dutch nation and mentality

Worker at building, with detail of stylish design of future shopping mall or shopping center, next to railway station.

Continuing at railway station we have noticed color code for trains. which can be seen only in Finland.

Railway station by itself, is very dominant with guardians. Under this tower you can see another “bicycle rebelition” leaving bicycle on visible public spots.

Guardians should reminds others how strong is nation, and what they are capable of.

By the time from main road you could have seen hotel Sokos where we have been registered for our “swedish tables” complimentary food service on behalf of this International conference.

Photos from inside of hotel lobby & restaurant are strictly prohibited due to copyright of ambient atmosphere, and hotel experience for potential customers!
So we went down deeper to Helsinki central to find out some special points of interest and we have found this incredible 10meters tall statue of proud man with one of the oldest Coca-Cola kiosk public shops which is serving fresh & cold bewerages alongside other soft drinks to all the people.

Walking down the lane..we have discovered another amazing statues this time with two fabulous women, kind of in relaxed postion, which are the same 2 women from Zacharias Topelius′s life carrying strong message; which is still little bit unknown for public.

Despite to all other we have to mention that pink bicycles are extremely popular all over the Helsinki (Due to lack of winter/summer sun circle Finns are very sensitive to dirty jokes and most likely taking them personally, sometimes these messages stays in mind fore several years and could leads to suicide at some point. MUDr. Zbichakovski told us that Finns are truly unique kind of people with long-term acceptance in terms of habbits.
At the same time we were just 2 streets away from our second stop, basically second hotel but on horizont we have noticed another statue, this time it was l
This baby-toy placed on back of pick-up truck is remarkable example of cheering up at workplace. One of the local workers were at that time, repairing decks and walking path. 

This is just an example of traditional central building at Helsinki as we have noticed many of these.

Thinking while walking deeper to central and to our Hotel where we have been booked-in, we could not have notice proud sign of Finland – National Flag at one of the local building and not 1 or 2 they put 5 in row, also we have had been so lucky to see clasical wealthy Finns in this beautiful Audi A5 with custom plate number on car, where plate-numbers like MMM-888 costs as average 3-bedroom flats.

Reaching our destination The Hotel Kämp for checkin-in was very satisfying as we could not have wait any longer to get sauna, warm coffee, and get our broadcast graded gear ready for afternoon′s shoot.

Thank you for reading, please subscribe our channel for more, and join us on our live broadcast!


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