Photography Intermezzo #15

“Set the targets!!!

Otherwise If you aim at nothing you will always hit it..

try to aim somewhere, test shot, stand back, measure the miss,
improve the technique and repeat..”


When Canon announced that the EOS Cinema 1D-C, Canon’s 4K DSLR, has been approved for high definition broadcast use by the European Broadcasting Union. That will certainly make the barrier for entry lower, but will also allow for camera crews to have yet another tool in their arsenal for digital television production; we have crafted this mini 4K built to enhance our production.
EOS 1DC with 50mm 1.2L in cage made by TILTA (ES-T11) alongside with 19mm rods and studio baseplate (TT-C06/07) and 6.6×6.6 Matte box (MB-T06)


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