Paying for photos and videos in bitcoins

No paper print-outs no paper cash.

simple we do not exist.

Imagine unlimited pool of services, based on service-for-service rules..
yes you are heading into new age..

In the market for fashion or modeling and want to pay your purchase in bitcoin? Turns out this specific dream of yours can be a reality; Lupicki company was an early adopter of bitcoin amongst larger companies, deciding to allow for transactions with the cryptocurrency back in 2009.

A number of large companies studios and agencies, like the generaly known ones, are simply settled already. We are dipping our toes in the water and seeing what happens on digital platform, therefore you cannot just walk around and want to look for some local place that accept bitcoins and it may have a sign in the window that say “bitcoin accepted here!”, complete with the bitcoin logo.


You can start paying for photography and cinematography filmmaking services in bitcoin at our company platform.

Can I pay in bitcoin for photo shoot? Yes you can..

Can I purchase video advertising service and pay with my bitcoin wallet? Yes of course..

Can I order film vlog for my business and choose bitcoin as payment method? Sure we can..


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