No paper print-outs no paper cash.

simple we do not exist.

Imagine unlimited pool of services, based on service-for-service rules..
yes you are heading into new age..

In the market for fashion or modeling and want to pay your purchase in bitcoin? Turns out this specific dream of yours can be a reality; Lupicki company was an early adopter of bitcoin amongst larger companies, deciding to allow for transactions with the cryptocurrency back in 2009.

A number of large companies studios and agencies, like the generaly known ones, are simply settled already. We are dipping our toes in the water and seeing what happens on digital platform, therefore you cannot just walk around and want to look for some local place that accept bitcoins and it may have a sign in the window that say “bitcoin accepted here!”, complete with the bitcoin logo.


You can start paying for photography and cinematography filmmaking services in bitcoin at our company platform.

Can I pay in bitcoin for photo shoot? Yes you can..

Can I purchase video advertising service and pay with my bitcoin wallet? Yes of course..

Can I order film vlog for my business and choose bitcoin as payment method? Sure we can..

A little over year ago…


“Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”



Greetings from

the Dutch State
from Mr. X, to the Z

come walk with me..
Your shit
sound so awkwardly

Real estate? section eight?
Which one would you rather take?

move that weight..
Show me
how you regulate..
Shake the room..
bend the spoon
Turn this up now..
stay in tune!
by the way she move..
Take your time..

you might arrive too soon!


Bring that back..

what was that?
Oh my lord,

she got back
So precise,

so deattached
Oh my God..

who is that?



Man was made

to procreate..
My business..

As if my family name was Gates 🙂
Days of grace..

lift big plates
Why be good? great!

Hit the breaks..

crack them crates..
Have you on the run..

going state to state

Mind over mayhem..

no mistakes!!!
Lift some weights..

eat some steaks..
But you don’t really want that

face to face..
But let’s relax..

check your traps..
Don’t let your
concentration snap..
I love the way she arch her back..
Like how a motherfucker suposed to handle that?

Breath control..

touch your soul..
Just maintain..

don’t lose control..

Cause everything else

will be seen as hate..
Remain in place..

the same mindstate..
Get off your ass..

and celebrate..

Don’t fuck yourself..


to an all time great..
Calculate the next move

I make
Crack the safe..

keep that ace..
In my waistband

just in case..
I’m no rat..

can’t run your race..
Not too good..

don’t fit my taste
I love the way..

she make that shake!
Making it hard

to concentrate..

Good Morning.. Ladies & gentleman, first of all I would like to say that I had this beautiful opportunity and kind of like order in our company, to go to Helsinki (Finland) to do some audio-video recording at International conference bonded with Red Cross Committee – Geneva.

Direct photos from Conference are strictly private and for political purposes only! So I am not going to post them, therefore I am posting photos and story captured alongside in Helsinki.

Everyone knows that Finland as country is a bit ahead with technology and electronics so I found this incredible clean design with graffiti

*This graffiti is actually one of the most impressive that We have ever seen all over the world. It does not show individuall approach as many young artist try to show to world. It shows globally how “Finns” thinks!

Sophisticated message in graffiti
Smart Graffiti in Helsinki

While we continue walking through stoned parks massive stone park in walking pathmassive walking park at walking path

We have discovered this abandoned amusement park, which looked so impressive just because it was left “just like that” and shuted down couple of years ago, especially because of these colorful fences and constructions it has made such a interesting stop on our trip.
After like 20mins of walking we went towards to lake Töölönlahti next to central Helsinki Railway Station which is very relaxed place to switch-off and got local swans.

On outskirts of this lake there were several lake-side houses available for rent now, but in past they used to be open-terrace caffés – every single one was runned by successful buisines driven-person.

And this beautiful blue house was currently occupied with German tourists at the time. These tones of blue reminds me a

As we walked alongside this lake..towards to Helsinki′s Railway Station, we have noticed quality massive wood, at handles on walking path all the lenght to the station.

massive wood handles all at walking path towards to national railway station

There could not have been missing tradition “train kiss”

Traditional “train kiss” by Finntrain company.

And by now we have spotted the sign; “MY HELSINKI” which was quite dominant at first place but the size of fonts were actually more impressive (roughly around 6-7meters)

My Helsinki sing in middle of city center.

We decided to continue through railway station towards to city center, where we have been booked for 2nights, but we could have overlook this huge jib at building area, there was construction of one of the most design shopping center mall going on and therefore we have to capture ultimate ambient atmosphere at workplace with only one worker, but on backgroung you can see that Finns are much more ahead with building design, even-though they like to refurbish every 3-4 years.

Incredible details of old traditional finnish building and behind is jib at construction place.
little bit of bicycle mess, inspired by dutch nation and mentality
Worker at building, with detail of stylish design of future shopping mall or shopping center, next to railway station.

Continuing at railway station we have noticed color code for trains. which can be seen only in Finland.

Railway station by itself, is very dominant with guardians. Under this tower you can see another “bicycle rebelition” leaving bicycle on visible public spots.

Guardians should reminds others how strong is nation, and what they are capable of.

By the time from main road you could have seen hotel Sokos where we have been registered for our “swedish tables” complimentary food service on behalf of this International conference.

Photos from inside of hotel lobby & restaurant are strictly prohibited due to copyright of ambient atmosphere, and hotel experience for potential customers!
So we went down deeper to Helsinki central to find out some special points of interest and we have found this incredible 10meters tall statue of proud man with one of the oldest Coca-Cola kiosk public shops which is serving fresh & cold bewerages alongside other soft drinks to all the people.

Walking down the lane..we have discovered another amazing statues this time with two fabulous women, kind of in relaxed postion, which are the same 2 women from Zacharias Topelius′s life carrying strong message; which is still little bit unknown for public.

Despite to all other we have to mention that pink bicycles are extremely popular all over the Helsinki (Due to lack of winter/summer sun circle Finns are very sensitive to dirty jokes and most likely taking them personally, sometimes these messages stays in mind fore several years and could leads to suicide at some point. MUDr. Zbichakovski told us that Finns are truly unique kind of people with long-term acceptance in terms of habbits.
At the same time we were just 2 streets away from our second stop, basically second hotel but on horizont we have noticed another statue, this time it was l
This baby-toy placed on back of pick-up truck is remarkable example of cheering up at workplace. One of the local workers were at that time, repairing decks and walking path. 

This is just an example of traditional central building at Helsinki as we have noticed many of these.

Thinking while walking deeper to central and to our Hotel where we have been booked-in, we could not have notice proud sign of Finland – National Flag at one of the local building and not 1 or 2 they put 5 in row, also we have had been so lucky to see clasical wealthy Finns in this beautiful Audi A5 with custom plate number on car, where plate-numbers like MMM-888 costs as average 3-bedroom flats.

Reaching our destination The Hotel Kämp for checkin-in was very satisfying as we could not have wait any longer to get sauna, warm coffee, and get our broadcast graded gear ready for afternoon′s shoot.

Thank you for reading, please subscribe our channel for more, and join us on our live broadcast!

The EBU (European Broadcast Union) found that the Canon 1D-C offered “exceptional HD resolution from a full 4K source with very low aliasing, and good colour performance and motion portrayal.”  This means that Canon’s 12,000€ Cinema DSLR can offer high definition broadcast quality and can be used as an a camera on any european television production.

(I had no idea that shooters actually needed to have their cameras approved for use).

This is largely due to the fact that the 1D-C is 4K primarily giving it plenty of  room in post to output to 1080p.  And it will also future proof productions once the 4K broadcast spec is adopted by the EU.

I have decided to leave my teeny-tiny peaceful island of art, decision has been made probably while I got supercharged by Moet. Basically I have find out there is loads and loads of opportunities and challenges that you have to try or at least you have to have a drive for that. Tomorrow 04-01-2017 I’ll be available for a very last time in person, that might be for some people like “finally” for some it might be like wtf, and for those who understand these crazy sacrificial chess movements it’s absolutely normal. During busy days I found it really difficult to maintain together four companies with limited liability, and supervising our network of digital content incl. digital goods for sale and therefore I am moving to the next level; I have become a part of inner circle now; hiring a very good secretary; and constantly contributing to the clouds.

with love








We are
the magnificent masters
of pyramids

we are
the ancients

we come
from a far
and we are
without ending

we are outside
of your hands
there will
be victory

Fear us
our ancestors
future generations
and past

There we are reborn
there is someone to rule on

No prisoners!

past generations
uniting the wastelands

Save us
from the passivity
that harms

uniting the wastelands

and also very cliche language:

Nos Sumus Magni Eri
Munitores Pyramidum

Nos sumus flamines
nos sumus maiores

Nos venimus a longe
et nos sumus sine fine

extra manum tuam sumus
ibi sumus ad vincendum

Nos timeatis
maiores nostri
mundi futuri
et praeteriti

[choir of people | apocalypse riders]

ibi sumus denuo
hominem ad dominandum

[we will reborn and reign over people]

[choir of people] non capimus
no prisoners

[choir of people] Salva nos a somno malo!
Salva nos
[spare us the nightmare spare us]

avia copula
[destructors connecting with grandmotherlands]

The End

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“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength”

It took a 7 years of struggle, 4 years of constant German/Israel development, more than 710,000,000.-€, Mobile HQ somewhere in Mediterranean Sea

Jack Nechollsino
Tom Torrance
Wendy Torrance
Scatman Crothers
Dick Halloran
Bary Nellson
Stuart Ullman
Roman Süsk
Luigi Lupicki
Phillip Stone
Delbert Grady
Joe Turke
Czar Buchtucz,

Traveling around Netherlands I found a really quiet place
Traveling around that quiet place I found out some really useful thoughts in photography

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Vlieland welcomes you right about now 🙂

A lot of people trying copy their style.. rearrange the decorations in their studios, but you have to experience that. This island is very specific for photo shoots, especially rare portraiture and  short films of course, preferably short family films. We have done that experience the dutch style.


After photo shoot on beach we spend a few hours on high street which are the most beautiful far and wide. Regular coffee cost around 2,40EUR you will get served from waitresses with most ultimate look on island.

Later on we found a really nice bicycle shop and found a few rare pieces as trifavo in side streets