We all have a different aspect of our body we’re proud of—is your best asset your feet? If you’ve ever been told you have elegant attractive or photogenic legs, ankles, or toes, a career in foot modeling could be for you. Having nice-looking appendages is not enough to score a lucrative print or commercial modeling […]

Truth about cinematography It’s interesting cos cinematography is such a subjective thing. Like how I think about it it’s something totally different then you will think about it. Some people love to show everything, to me, that’s the most boring shit you ever see.. So pay attention but take it with salt of grain maybe?! […]

Learn about creating something more than just a picture How to find inspiration and be more creative Learn how to pose a model and compose a shot Simplicity and working with natural light Creative photography on a budget and DIY April 6th, 2017 Total Time: 3pm – 8pm Lecture: 3pm – 4:30pm Live Shoot at […]

I have decided to leave my teeny-tiny peaceful island of art, decision has been made probably while I got supercharged by Moet. Basically I have find out there is loads and loads of opportunities and challenges that you have to try or at least you have to have a drive for that. Tomorrow 04-01-2017 I’ll […]

I begin of writing this post again in last minutes, if I can squeeze this year into several lines then it will be a bit of a Dutch year.  I traveled: Slovakia Czech Republic Russia  Netherlands Democratic republic of Congo Sri Lanka United Arabian Emirates Drank roughly 765 cups of espresso (+-5) Had a 84 […]

Coleman company did not paid me to make an review of this product and did not send me this tent for free. I have got this tent for mountain time-lapse film-making. A lot of people asked me what gear I used for mountain photography and where I stayed, what’s inside of my Deuter Traveller 80+10 […]

“But above everything, drink wines with love. They are like women – different, mysterious, fickle. And each wine has to be taken as woman. This always begin with rejection, done gracefully or rudely according to the woman’s disposition and in the end she will grant herself only to someone, who aspires her taste, soul as […]


..I just love it, we all have demons but not all of us own them all.. Ever since you had been challenged by the some kind of strange sound telling you; yes get it! for yourself! quickly! and then suddenly next day you realize that you actually don’t need that or that or whatever you […]

*WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE STUFF AND REMEMBER MY LIFE IT’S GOT TO BE LIKE THIS, IT’S GOT TO KEEP GOING ON Here we go.. a lot of people trying copy my style.. but the failure comes big time. You gotta know when to fold them: Controlling your ambitions It’s strictly business: Enemy […]

*WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE Yeap, it was worth to follow the path to middle management:   Bacon, Lettuce and Dimitri only you are responsible for your crew How to hit your target without gun: Motivating your people Let’s meet in the back for a sit-down: Mediating disputes and the art of compromise When to take bullet […]

Friday 13th of January I would like to announce 3 weekends, in our very famous VIP lounge – hot peppers based in Praha, basically heart of Czech Republic, and invite every fan of quality cigars and moet, and basically everyone who’s would like to talk about business to me. Company: FUN & ENJOY Production s.r.o. […]

I have asked my friend Olivia Brown – general manager of Bellagio (Las Vegas, USA) as she has more than 25 years experience in the hospitality industry, what does she think about establishing Casino Vlieland? My question also reached Bellagio president Randy Morton, he introduce potential strategic direction across all operations of the hotel-casino, I […]

*WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE It was Saturday night fever, that made me think: about what kind of fuck is this all about??? yep that damn morning changed directions.. So here’s how: Monday ’till Saturday those forty-hour-per-week warriors showed up at work and got the shit beat of them (fight of thoughts) Make yourself an offer that […]

I would like to create and attend a very first meet-up especially on Vlieland where I am working on interesting projects at the moment, I would like to make local guides see this beautiful island on top of Netherlands and make leave impression. There are a lot of businesses incl. restaurants, caffe parlors, bars, camping […]

Hows tricks everybody what’s going on..   Recently I got again questioned by a friend of mine, Luigi how to get noticed by talent agencies, which are finding girls and boys from Europe for photo-model business.   I said basically anyhow, just need to be in right moment in right place, because modeling / photo-modeling […]

“If, underneath death’s cold wing, His restless soul should fly away, Beyond the grasp of fools, Would meet with the bliss they deny, So stand for him, kneel for him, As he lies low in kneaded clay, Pray for him, who prayed too late, That he might shine on judgment day.”

..and I had this incredible experience of moving up into a misty sort of area, and then becoming aware that I was on top. And it was totally peaceful, it was a place of absolute compassion.. That’s what that place surrounded by water and ruled by fire will do to your head, will doom you […]

Set the desired quality!!! Otherwise If you look at nothing you will always see it.. try to look somewhere, triple wink and look again at the same spot stand back measure the miss improve the technique and repeat.. differences are tremendous 720p… 1080p 2160p 4320p 64K NANO MODULAR SOFTBOXES 4D INTERACTIVE INTERFACE HOLOGRAMS TATMOREDIARS but […]

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength” It took a 7 years of struggle, 4 years of constant German/Israel development, more than 710,000,000.-€, Mobile HQ somewhere in Mediterranean Sea CREW LIST: Jack Nechollsino Tom Torrance Wendy Torrance Scatman […]

“There is a reason why other women look so attractive.. It’s because there’s somebody taking real good care of them.. The grass is always greener when it’s watered.. so, instead of drooling over what’s on the other side.. work on yours, water it, cherish it Any man can admire a woman who’s already beautiful however […]