Ďakujeme pánovi Jozefovi “EFA” Tóthovi za úžasný zážitok z cyklomaratónu



Zažite úžasnú atmosféru cyklistického pelotónu brázdiaceho naprieč krásami našej krajiny. Vopred vás bude hnať vaša pokora a dosiahnutie cieľa, pomôžu vám v tom aj povzbudzujúci obyvatelia obcí, cez ktoré povedie trasa, či podpora zo strany samotných organizátorov. Nevzdávajte sa a pripravte sa na túto jedinečnú výzvu!

No paper print-outs no paper cash.

simple we do not exist.

Imagine unlimited pool of services, based on service-for-service rules..
yes you are heading into new age..

In the market for fashion or modeling and want to pay your purchase in bitcoin? Turns out this specific dream of yours can be a reality; Lupicki company was an early adopter of bitcoin amongst larger companies, deciding to allow for transactions with the cryptocurrency back in 2009.

A number of large companies studios and agencies, like the generaly known ones, are simply settled already. We are dipping our toes in the water and seeing what happens on digital platform, therefore you cannot just walk around and want to look for some local place that accept bitcoins and it may have a sign in the window that say “bitcoin accepted here!”, complete with the bitcoin logo.


You can start paying for photography and cinematography filmmaking services in bitcoin at our company platform.

Can I pay in bitcoin for photo shoot? Yes you can..

Can I purchase video advertising service and pay with my bitcoin wallet? Yes of course..

Can I order film vlog for my business and choose bitcoin as payment method? Sure we can..

“Set the targets!!!

Otherwise If you aim at nothing you will always hit it..

try to aim somewhere, test shot, stand back, measure the miss,
improve the technique and repeat..”


When Canon announced that the EOS Cinema 1D-C, Canon’s 4K DSLR, has been approved for high definition broadcast use by the European Broadcasting Union. That will certainly make the barrier for entry lower, but will also allow for camera crews to have yet another tool in their arsenal for digital television production; we have crafted this mini 4K built to enhance our production.
EOS 1DC with 50mm 1.2L in cage made by TILTA (ES-T11) alongside with 19mm rods and studio baseplate (TT-C06/07) and 6.6×6.6 Matte box (MB-T06)

“I need 30 flat shots done this week, with the pictures delivered by the of the week. Our samples can only be out for a day and the press is demanding for these pictures! Can you do that?”

“My handmade jewelry has textured surfaces and the pictures I make, don’t show that. Do you think you can shoot them to show that detail?”

“I only have 5 pieces to shoot, but I need them done now and am on a really tight budget. Can you work with me on that?”

“We need to photograph 50 +/- pairs of shoes every month, 4 angles of each, preferably with models; and make it look like they were all shot the same day. Is that something you can do?”

We get asked questions like this every day and the answer is invariably “yes”! That’s how we’ve been able to meet the product photography needs of the fashion industry for 10 years. Whether you’re a perfectionist or budget driven, whether you have a small run of samples that need to be photographed or a large, ongoing program, whether for ecommerce, lookbook or internal purposes … any product photographed any way you want … from scheduling to final picture delivery, we make the whole process easy, cost effective and on your schedule.

We know that what matters to you is quality, consistency, reliability, timeliness and cost. We use a team of experienced professionals to make sure we can deliver exactly that. Our goal is to establish an ongoing relationship with you … and that means we have to deliver, every time!

You have enough things to deal with, your product photography shouldn’t be one of them!

Therefore do not hesitate and contact us HERE

A little over year ago…


“Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”



Greetings from

the Dutch State
from Mr. X, to the Z

come walk with me..
Your shit
sound so awkwardly

Real estate? section eight?
Which one would you rather take?

move that weight..
Show me
how you regulate..
Shake the room..
bend the spoon
Turn this up now..
stay in tune!
by the way she move..
Take your time..

you might arrive too soon!


Bring that back..

what was that?
Oh my lord,

she got back
So precise,

so deattached
Oh my God..

who is that?



Man was made

to procreate..
My business..

As if my family name was Gates 🙂
Days of grace..

lift big plates
Why be good?

go..be great!

Hit the breaks..

crack them crates..
Have you on the run..

going state to state

Mind over mayhem..

no mistakes!!!
Lift some weights..

eat some steaks..
But you don’t really want that

face to face..
But let’s relax..

check your traps..
Don’t let your
concentration snap..
I love the way she arch her back..
Like how a motherfucker suposed to handle that?

Breath control..

touch your soul..
Just maintain..

don’t lose control..

Cause everything else

will be seen as hate..
Remain in place..

the same mindstate..
Get off your ass..

and celebrate..

Don’t fuck yourself..


to an all time great..
Calculate the next move

I make
Crack the safe..

keep that ace..
In my waistband

just in case..
I’m no rat..

can’t run your race..
Not too good..

don’t fit my taste
I love the way..

she make that shake!
Making it hard

to concentrate..

first of all guys..

Let us introduce you our quite interesting scheme that we actually have in use when it comes to pricing, in terms of value for money.
I was walking today with a friend of mine who ask me this “killer question” how do you guys value what you do? (photography & film-making services) compromised by time and rush I just to turn to him and explain him everything very briefly;

Our Time + Our Materials (Batteries, CF cards, Travel expenses, Ideas, etc.) = COST

this COST  x 2 = become wholesale price

wholesale price x 2 = introduce final retail price
(customer’s range)

and therefore do not hesitate to check our price list HERE

First of all guys, I had come across this idea of puting together some every-day shall we say vocabulary that could save a situation, although more you speak more you are practising, therefore if you say too much, you risking saying something foolish.
Try to implement these words in your sentences and you will notice difference how people react to your talking – on daily basis.

  1. At first glance (or worse, “at first blush”)

  2. As a nation (or worse, “as a society”)

  3. Upon deeper reflection (why not reflect deeply from the start?)

  4. Observers (unless referring to people actually sitting around watching something)

  5. [Person] is not alone (from anecdote to generalization, we get it)

  6. And [someone/something] is no exception

  7. Pundits say

  8. Critics say (or “critics are quick to point out”)

  9. The American people (unless in a quote)

  10. The narrative (unless referring to a style of writing)

  11. Probe (an uncomfortable substitute for “investigation”)

  12. Opens/offers a rare window (unless it is a real window that is in fact unusual)

  13. Begs the question (unless used properly – and so rarely used properly that it’s not worth the trouble)

  14. Be that as it may

  15. If you will (actually, I won’t)

  16. A cautionary tale

  17. Cautiously optimistic (in a way that deliberately avoids potential problems or dangers)

  18. Needless to say (then don’t say it)

  19. Suffice it to say (if it suffices, then just say it)

  20. This is not your father’s [anything]

  21. [Anything] 2.0 (or 3.0, or 4.0…)

  22. At a crossroads (unless referring to an actual intersection)

  23. The powers that be

  24. Outside the box (describes creative thinking — with a cliche)

  25. A favorite Washington parlor game

  26. Don’t get me wrong

  27. Make no mistake

  28. Yes, France, there is a [something]

  29. Christmas came early for [someone]

  30. Chock full (“full” is just fine by itself)

  31. Last-ditch effort (unless ditch-digging is involved)

  32. Midwife (as a verb, unless involving childbirth)

  33. Cue the [something]

  34. Call it [something]

  35. Pity the poor [something]

  36. It’s the [something], stupid

  37. Imagine (as the first word in your lede)

  38. Time will tell if [something]

  39. What a difference [a time period] makes

  40. Palpable sense of relief (unless you can truly touch it)

  41. Sigh of relief

  42. Plenty of blame to go around

  43. Rorschach test (unless it is a real one)

  44. An object lesson

  45. Turned a blind eye

  46. Underscores

  47. Cycle of violence (unless referring to a particularly vicious Schwinn)

  48. Searing indictment

  49. Potent symbol

  50. Broken system (or, “the [anything] system is broken”)

  51. Famously (if readers know it, you don’t need to tell them it is famous; if they don’t know it, you just made them feel stupid!)

  52. The Other (or “otherize,” “otherization” and other variations)

  53. Effort (as a verb)

  54. Table (as a verb, as in “table the talks”)

  55. Shutter (as a verb, as in “they shuttered the factory”)

  56. Gestalt/Zeitgeist

  57. Orwellian (unless discussing George Orwell)

  58. Machiavellian (unless discussing Niccolo Machiavelli)

  59. Gladwellian (never)

  60. What happens in [somewhere] stays in [somewhere]

  61. Oft-cited

  62. Little-noticed

  63. Closely watched

  64. Hastily convened

  65. Much ballyhooed

  66. ill-advised

  67. Shrouded in secrecy

  68. Since time immemorial

  69. Tipping point

  70. Inflection point

  71. Point of no return

  72. The [anything] community

  73. If history is any guide

  74. If past is prologue

  75. The devil is in the details

  76. [Somebody] does not suffer fools gladly

  77. A ragtag army (or ragtag militia)

  78. A tale of two [anything]

  79. Ignominious end

  80. Tightly knit (unless referring to actual knitting)

  81. In the final analysis (especially as beginning of a final sentence/paragraph)

  82. Ultimately (same as above)

  83. At the end of the day (same as above)

  84. For all intents and purposes

  85. Cooler heads prevailed

  86. Victim of his/her own success

  87. Who lost [insert country here]?

  88. Punditocracy

  89. Twitterati

  90. Commentariat

  91. Chattering classes

  92. Naysayers

  93. Keen observer

  94. Took to Twitter

  95. Tongues wagging (h/t afterword to paperback of “This Town”)

  96. White-shoe law firm

  97. Well-heeled lobbyists

  98. Skittish donors

  99. Byzantine rules (unless referring to the empire in the Middle Ages)

  100. Strange bedfellows

  101. A mass of contradictions

  102. A land of contradictions (please, foreign correspondents and travel writers)

  103. Rise of the 24-hour news cycle (it’s been a while)

  104. In the digital age (again, it’s been a while)

  105. Not so fast

  106. Not so much (I blame Jon Stewart for this one)

  107. Remains to be seen

  108. Tenuous at best

  109. Woefully inadequate

  110. Or so it seems

  111. Depending on whom you ask

  112. Burst onto the national political scene

  113. For now (especially at the end of a sentence set off by a dash; all it does is negate everything that came before!)

  114. Tectonic shifts or seismic shifts (unless real ones)

  115. Optics (unless you’re discussing physics)

  116. Feeding frenzy/feeding the frenzy

  117. Double down

  118. Game-changer

  119. [Anything]-gate (especially if you’re writing in The LUPICKI Post like we do)

  120. In the wake of [anything]

  121. How I learned to stop worrying and love the [anything]

  122. Love [X] or hate [X]…

  123. The [anything] we love to hate

  124. Don the mantle of [anything]

  125. Usher in an era of [anything]

  126. A portrait emerges

  127. In a nutshell

  128. The social fabric (or “the very fabric of our democracy/nation/society”)

  129. Hot-button issue

  130. Hotly contested

  131. Perfect storm

  132. Face-saving compromise

  133. Eye-popping

  134. The argument goes

  135. The thinking goes

  136. Contrary to popular belief

  137. Intoned

  138. The new normal

  139. The new face of [anything] (unless discussing plastic surgery)

  140. The talk of the town (unless referring to the some specific city’s section)

  141. It couple (or “power couple”)

  142. Paradigm shift (in journalism, all paradigms are shifting)

  143. Unlikely revolutionary (in journalism, all revolutionaries are unlikely)

  144. Unlikely reformer (in journalism, all reformers are unlikely, too)

  145. Grizzled veteran (in journalism, all veterans are either grizzled or “seasoned”)

  146. Manicured lawns (in journalism, all lawns are manicured)

  147. Wide-ranging interview (in journalism, all interviews range widely, even if they don’t)

  148. Rose from obscurity (in journalism, all rises are from obscurity)

  149. Dizzying array (in journalism, all arrays make one dizzy)

  150. Withering criticism (in journalism, all criticism is withering)

  151. Predawn raid (in journalism, all raids take place in the predawn hours)

  152. Nondescript office building (in journalism, all office buildings are nondescript)

  153. Unsung hero (in journalism, all heroes lack music)

  154. Sparked debate

  155. Raised questions

  156. Raises more questions than answers

  157. Raise the specter of [anything]

  158. More often than not

  159. hand-wringing

  160. Ironic Capitalization Implying the Unimportance of Things Others Consider Important

  161. But reality/truth is more complicated (in journalism, we oversimplify, then criticize the oversimplification)

  162. Scarred by war (unless referring to real scars)

  163. War-torn

  164. War of words (worse if followed by “is heating up”)

  165. Trading barbs

  166. Shines a spotlight on [something] (unless there is a real spotlight that is shining)

  167. [Something] is no panacea

  168. [Something] is no silver bullet

  169. Political football

  170. Political theater

  171. More than you think (how do you know what I think?)

  172. Less than you think (how do you know what I think?)

  173. Not as much as you think (how do you know what I think?)

  174. You guessed it (how do you know what I guessed?)

  175. Shifting dynamics (code for “don’t hold me to this”)

  176. The situation is fluid (code for “I have no idea what is going on”)

  177. Partisans on both sides

  178. Charm offensive

  179. Fallen on hard times

  180. On thin ice

  181. A crisis waiting to happen

  182. Poster child

  183. Going forward

  184. Creature of Italy

  185. A modest proposal (this was written once, very well, and has been written terribly ever since)

  186. Stinging rebuke

  187. Mr. [Anyone] goes to Washington (unless a reference to the actual movie)

  188. The proverbial [something] (Tacking this in front of a cliche doesn’t excuse it, just admits you used it knowingly)

  189. Fevered speculation

  190. Hope filled the air

  191. [Anything] is all the rage

  192. Iconic (dominant word!)

  193. How did we get here? (code for “here comes the b-matter”)

  194. But first, some background (code for “I know more than you do”)

  195. Growing body of evidence (very strong consequences)

  196. [Anything] on steroids (unless you cover professional sports)

  197. Resists easy classification/categorization

  198. Increasingly (unless story proves something is in fact increasing)

  199. Tapped (as substitute for “selected” or “appointed)

  200. Any “not-un” formulation (as in “not unsurprising that you’d use that cliche”)

  201. Wait for it

  202. Wait, what?

  203. There, I said it

  204. And here’s the kicker

  205. See what I did there?

Burlesque or Strip-Tease or Boudoir 

As given opportunity to have photo-shoot in certain style. Which one which you rather take?

Burlesque is a literary, dramatic or musical work intended to cause laughter by caricaturing the manner or spirit of serious works, or by ludicrous treatment of their subjects..
Some of our LUPICKI films included burlesque-style scenes within dramatic films were attempted to recreate the spirit of these performances from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Boudoir photography may, in some cases, be distinguished from other photography genres such as glamour photography, fine art nude photography and erotic photography.

Typical Strip-Tease photo-shoot is in a photographer’s studio or luxury hotel suites. It has become fashionable to create a set of sensual or sexually suggestive images of women (and occasionally men and couples) in “boudoir style” while teasing audience, for which it has been made. The most common manifestation of contemporary boudoir teasing photography is to take variations of candid and posed photographs of the subject partly clothed or in lingerie. Nudity is more often implied than explicit. Commercially the genre is often (though not exclusively) derived from a market for brides to surprise their future husbands by gifting the images on or before their wedding day. Other motivations or inspiration for boudoir photography shoots include anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, weight loss regimes, other form of body change or alteration (such as breast augmentation or reduction) and for servicemen and women overseas.

These styles of photoshoot become more attractive to womans after we have released short film The Concealer. Nonetheless film by itself was like documentary through styles.

Burlesque Package
Strip-Tease Package
Boudoir Package
are available at LUPICKI Store

To be better understand modeling industry in Netherlands, first, we have to better understand demanting market.


I have collected few indicators that I think they are the key factors:


  • Have you been told that you evoke any emotions while doing nothing?

    (That’s probably the most best one)

  • Have you practise striking poses in public?

  • Have you been taking endlessly selfies from different angles and various styles of lighting?

  • Have you catch yourself thinking about singing-up at some modeling agency?

Lack of Attitude, Style, Confidence, Money/Budget, Clothes, Portfolio can be compensated

Therefore if you are considering moving to the city with larger advertisement market, do not hesitate and contact us!


Good Morning.. Ladies & gentleman, first of all I would like to say that I had this beautiful opportunity and kind of like order in our company, to go to Helsinki (Finland) to do some audio-video recording at International conference bonded with Red Cross Committee – Geneva.

Direct photos from Conference are strictly private and for political purposes only! So I am not going to post them, therefore I am posting photos and story captured alongside in Helsinki.

Everyone knows that Finland as country is a bit ahead with technology and electronics so I found this incredible clean design with graffiti

*This graffiti is actually one of the most impressive that We have ever seen all over the world. It does not show individuall approach as many young artist try to show to world. It shows globally how “Finns” thinks!

Sophisticated message in graffiti
Smart Graffiti in Helsinki

While we continue walking through stoned parks massive stone park in walking pathmassive walking park at walking path

We have discovered this abandoned amusement park, which looked so impressive just because it was left “just like that” and shuted down couple of years ago, especially because of these colorful fences and constructions it has made such a interesting stop on our trip.
After like 20mins of walking we went towards to lake Töölönlahti next to central Helsinki Railway Station which is very relaxed place to switch-off and got local swans.

On outskirts of this lake there were several lake-side houses available for rent now, but in past they used to be open-terrace caffés – every single one was runned by successful buisines driven-person.

And this beautiful blue house was currently occupied with German tourists at the time. These tones of blue reminds me a

As we walked alongside this lake..towards to Helsinki′s Railway Station, we have noticed quality massive wood, at handles on walking path all the lenght to the station.

massive wood handles all at walking path towards to national railway station

There could not have been missing tradition “train kiss”

Traditional “train kiss” by Finntrain company.

And by now we have spotted the sign; “MY HELSINKI” which was quite dominant at first place but the size of fonts were actually more impressive (roughly around 6-7meters)

My Helsinki sing in middle of city center.

We decided to continue through railway station towards to city center, where we have been booked for 2nights, but we could have overlook this huge jib at building area, there was construction of one of the most design shopping center mall going on and therefore we have to capture ultimate ambient atmosphere at workplace with only one worker, but on backgroung you can see that Finns are much more ahead with building design, even-though they like to refurbish every 3-4 years.

Incredible details of old traditional finnish building and behind is jib at construction place.
little bit of bicycle mess, inspired by dutch nation and mentality
Worker at building, with detail of stylish design of future shopping mall or shopping center, next to railway station.

Continuing at railway station we have noticed color code for trains. which can be seen only in Finland.

Railway station by itself, is very dominant with guardians. Under this tower you can see another “bicycle rebelition” leaving bicycle on visible public spots.

Guardians should reminds others how strong is nation, and what they are capable of.

By the time from main road you could have seen hotel Sokos where we have been registered for our “swedish tables” complimentary food service on behalf of this International conference.

Photos from inside of hotel lobby & restaurant are strictly prohibited due to copyright of ambient atmosphere, and hotel experience for potential customers!
So we went down deeper to Helsinki central to find out some special points of interest and we have found this incredible 10meters tall statue of proud man with one of the oldest Coca-Cola kiosk public shops which is serving fresh & cold bewerages alongside other soft drinks to all the people.

Walking down the lane..we have discovered another amazing statues this time with two fabulous women, kind of in relaxed postion, which are the same 2 women from Zacharias Topelius′s life carrying strong message; which is still little bit unknown for public.

Despite to all other we have to mention that pink bicycles are extremely popular all over the Helsinki (Due to lack of winter/summer sun circle Finns are very sensitive to dirty jokes and most likely taking them personally, sometimes these messages stays in mind fore several years and could leads to suicide at some point. MUDr. Zbichakovski told us that Finns are truly unique kind of people with long-term acceptance in terms of habbits.
At the same time we were just 2 streets away from our second stop, basically second hotel but on horizont we have noticed another statue, this time it was l
This baby-toy placed on back of pick-up truck is remarkable example of cheering up at workplace. One of the local workers were at that time, repairing decks and walking path. 

This is just an example of traditional central building at Helsinki as we have noticed many of these.

Thinking while walking deeper to central and to our Hotel where we have been booked-in, we could not have notice proud sign of Finland – National Flag at one of the local building and not 1 or 2 they put 5 in row, also we have had been so lucky to see clasical wealthy Finns in this beautiful Audi A5 with custom plate number on car, where plate-numbers like MMM-888 costs as average 3-bedroom flats.

Reaching our destination The Hotel Kämp for checkin-in was very satisfying as we could not have wait any longer to get sauna, warm coffee, and get our broadcast graded gear ready for afternoon′s shoot.

Thank you for reading, please subscribe our channel for more, and join us on our live broadcast!

Latest tidal wave brought me this thought that Dear Mr. President, Mr. Donald Trump ordered Apple company to release at 11-09-2017 this quite latest version of iPhone under trademark of “X” therefore iPhone X. Isn’t this date, when infamous terrorist attack begin at World Trade Center? Isn’t this iPhone capable of future prohibited function? The FACE ID?


As far as FBI knows protect themselves, with this undercover scanning and tracking people all over the world, somebody went a bit too far.

Something’s very wrong with this information hunt!

Or it was only the wind, which comes with that tidal wave?

The EBU (European Broadcast Union) found that the Canon 1D-C offered “exceptional HD resolution from a full 4K source with very low aliasing, and good colour performance and motion portrayal.”  This means that Canon’s 12,000€ Cinema DSLR can offer high definition broadcast quality and can be used as an a camera on any european television production.

(I had no idea that shooters actually needed to have their cameras approved for use).

This is largely due to the fact that the 1D-C is 4K primarily giving it plenty of  room in post to output to 1080p.  And it will also future proof productions once the 4K broadcast spec is adopted by the EU.

“Bad karma is all around and I’m running out of luck
Next soldier wants my job, I better watch my back”


“well well well..just day before birthday I asked myself what makes the shoot work? I guess is not the camera or the lighting or talent. It’s what’s behind it and I don’t mean diroctor of photography or film director. I mean our LUPICKI comunity, the support, the luck thereof, in fact. The whole damn world really. That is the art, the world, the lives. We are just lucky enough to capture a small piece of that and we love what we do.”



I had this incredible opportunity to scoop out kind of magical sky at Oosterend in Terschelling, Meteor night was announced couple of weeks ago and a lot of people were already talking about it. I managed to capture only 3 falling meteors as visible on last photos.


Captured by my lovely Canon EOS 1D C (Cinema range) incredible at low-light performance.
Lens used: 17-40 F/4L USM

We all have a different aspect of our body we’re proud of—is your best asset your feet? If you’ve ever been told you have elegant attractive or photogenic legs, ankles, or toes, a career in foot modeling could be for you.

Having nice-looking appendages is not enough to score a lucrative print or commercial modeling gig; as with any aspect of modeling, a lot of hard work is required. Photoshoots are no walk in the park, and it can be tough going toe-to-toe with potential modeling agents. But if you’re head over heels in love with your feet and think you’ve got the goods, kick back and check out the basics of the feet modeling industry below.

Blemishes or scars may make your feet ineligible.

For the most part, feet models all have high arches, consistently slender feet, and long, thin toes. Their skin is smooth and of clear complexion, both on their feet and the rest of their (usually long, graceful) legs. A quick online search of what models’ feet look like should give you a good idea of the general requirements. If your feet tend to be covered in marks, blemishes, or varicose veins, sorry—they will likely get your modeling career off on the wrong foot.


Do your research

Speaking of online searches, models of all types have an intimate understanding of their industry. Stay abreast of trends, study the relationship between feet and the camera in print commercials, and follow the kinds of publications or models who do the work you’d like to do. Practice the kinds of poses you frequently see, and stretch your toes in poses that might express different emotions or actions. Down the line when you’re at a shoot, your hours of obsessively researching foot models will pay off, as you’ll understand what photographers tend to look for.

Protect your feet!

Tread carefully. Models who work with their feet go to great lengths to protect and preserve their money makers. Many walk around in shoes a size or two too big in order to maximize comfort. And although modeling requires staying in impeccable physical shape, most also avoid soccer or any athletic activities that put feet in danger.


Remember: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. If you want to be a foot model, you should be an expert in which lotions and tinctures help your feet stay beautiful. Invest in a sugar scrub in order to regularly exfoliate and remove (dreaded!) callouses.


Gather photos and keep track of them.


Like actors and their headshots, it’s a model’s responsibility to take and keep track of their photographs. They are your calling card, so invest in quality shots by hiring a professional photographer—preferably one with experience with feet. Experiment with different lighting and poses, and avoid too much retouching. (And in any modeling portfolio, even if you’re just in the business of showing off your limbs, include a photo of your face so you can be recognized.)


Stay aware of your digital footprint as well. If you have a website that includes photographs of yourself and your body parts, make sure shots of your appendages fit industry standards and look professional. Some working models also include short, simple demo reels demonstrating how their feet move.

Apply to modeling agencies as often as you can.


Example: In Amsterdam or New York in particular, there are plenty of modeling agencies looking for talent. Early-career models can reach out to work with multiple agencies and begin developing relationships with agents. Some agencies include departments for specific body parts; don’t be afraid to do lots of research, share your portfolio and résumé, and attend go-sees.

Find a pedicurist you trust—and get pedicures before shoots.


If you’re interested in a career modeling feet, chances are you already know the best way to prettify your tootsies. See a trusted pedicurist before you meet with modeling agencies at go-sees or go in for a shoot. If you get to wear polish, pick a color that makes you feel happy and confident!

Practice patience and perseverance.

It’s one small step for a model, one giant leap for model-kind. In pursuing your career as a foot model, stay focused and don’t get discouraged—it’s a competitive industry and success won’t come from putting your feet up and hoping it comes to you. Be patient and keep at it!


Truth about cinematography

It’s interesting cos cinematography is such a subjective thing.

Like how I think about it it’s something totally different then you will think about it.
Some people love to show everything, to me, that’s the most boring shit you ever see..
So pay attention but take it with salt of grain maybe?!
So where do you start, what is good cinematography?

To me it’s something that strengthen the story something that tells a story in the images without saying it in words
You should not need dialog with great cinematography

And it should create the moods and the feelings and should create the presence for you as audience to be in the picture and seen with the people that you watching. Like it should become more real with the cinematography, at least that’s what I think
Light is like most important element in movies.

Without good light, I don’t think there’s good cinematography. I think that’s true. When you work with darks, that’s kind of hard, like that’s one of the biggest things that I focus on in my films is capture the right light.
I come from documentary background. Documentary still photos. So then you get used pretty much shoot everything in existence lighting that is there. That kind of makes you adopted to that. So you shoot when right light is there. I usually go out in blue hour or like when sun is setting those type of things. I try to shoot whenever I see pretty light, now I am also in studio so I can light up stuff but otherwise I try to shoot as soon as I see good like, I shoot it and I think you can learn a lot from watching light. Anybody inspired to become cinematographer needs sort of focus on light. Like light is cinematography. You have to focus on like.. you get unique character and all that you need to have unique lighting. It doesn’t mean it’s pretty light. It means it has to be something unique that creates unique atmosphere that is true to story. It could be anything, you know, anything that’s only lid with 1 light it could be 3 light.I don’t know, anything. But sky is the limit I guess.
Another thing is leaving the right stuff out and keeping the right stuff in; for instance you know deciding on perspective is one of the most key things to me. Imagine scenery staged scenery.. I tried to capture the whole environment trying to create the mood through imagery then ..so on later.. as we got up we moving closer and closer to capture intimacy of characters, that’s delivers choice and you have to make it as it happen. That’s why I love documentary cinematography because you really have to be quick to capture those things. And when you doing documentary everything is real not staged! You are experiencing this whole film in reality. It’s really thing for you, for me that’s what you need to capture. Great cinematography captures whatever you feel on set.
On scene everything could turns into interesting prospective, it has to be more intimate. Everything has to be telephoto. everything is close ups, nothing is wide shoots. It such a intimate and fragile moment.
And when you doing comedy you trying to do something totally different.
I didn’t study cinematography
Who fucking study cinematography anyway?!
“Images should be the only pleasing pictorial aesthetic, but projection of the emotions that the character discovering themselves” for sure!

People who just make pretty pictures;
go fuck yourself!
It doesn’t matter, like you making pretty picture?
There’s so many blogs and vlogs out there, they do like a collage of nice pictures & moody music.
It’s same shit in every video!
Please invent yourself!!!
Cinematography is very technical and of course like, images should be pretty in some sense. Like it can be dirty pretty ugly pretty it can be dark pretty.
Don’t make just make stuff because it just looks good try to think about story. Everything in cinematography to me has to do with stories.
You cannot make great cinematography if you don’t tell a story. To me you tell a story by not telling everything. You tell a story by not saying things in words. You use the cinematic language. And that’s isn’t just cinematography it’s also audio-visual aspect of everything. So audio, pictures, you know, acting all those things has to come up together, the music. You have to use all those things. Because that is the language. Language isn’t cinematography or spoken words & dialogs. You have to use everything to tell a story.
So if you stop thinking about cinematography

But start thinking about story

Than I think pictures will come for themselves.

With love..

Supercharged by incredible 162th cup of coffee this year.. this crazy idea came up (at some point) how to make photo-shoot just behind the house in cemetery, am talking about night shoot with dimmed lights with local model dressed in white, barefoot with down-looking scenery. Along with clocks as the light pulled tighter spots in cemetery shows brighter and brighter. Boudoir composition may take a place if dark princess would feel comfortable as home.

Thursday – at this stage am pulling out some of the most serious strings in my photography ideas as tomorrow is day “D” with test shoots.

And time flies when you’re having fun, as am sitting on couch sketching the scenery and composition of shoot, freshly baked pizza is making up my mind, while DJ Fawad is about to drop his beats in Arabic dance mix

  • Learn about creating something more than just a picture

  • How to find inspiration and be more creative

  • Learn how to pose a model and compose a shot

  • Simplicity and working with natural light

  • Creative photography on a budget and DIY

April 6th, 2017

Total Time: 3pm – 8pm

Lecture: 3pm – 4:30pm

Live Shoot at Location: 5pm-8pm

Location around Prievidza will be emailed to registrants closer to date

Total Cost: 100€

9 spots available

Suitable for beginners and experienced photographers

Individual critique at live shoot, with questions & answers

Bring your camera, preferred lenses, battery/charger and willingness to learn

Snacks and beverages will be provided

as entrepreneur I can explain you how to make hundreds of thousand of euros per year owning a website


Right about now as owner of website am doing marketing and I am always focused on power of words, “chroma-key of internet search”, adwords, wordads etc.; and details behind business are pretty filthy and fascinating.

While you have no idea what the hack website is by itself, you can get bigger picture about business model. Essentially people buy videos, individually from the site, the proceeds of which are split between our company and studio.

So evidently people like to watch photography & film-making on internet. Who would knew?

Public opinion is like this: It’s worked out, and as owner he doesn’t actually have to do much work anymore, It’s fully automated, that’s bullshit mates, it’s all about masterminding (for sure you don’t want to be out-runned or pushed aside by competitors). For me it made some kind of sense as money actual cash generating asset requiring little effort beyond the initial build.

 Most interesting of all I found that actually these advice I am giving to someone who maybe want to start up their own website business or business by itself as startup.

Good luck with it. It’s a challenging industry. Things that would take 20 minutes on a normal business can take days in the adult industry. (finding a payment processor, for example)

A restricted site network would be quite a challenge, financially, I think. Policing it could also be pretty difficult.

The most expensive part, for me since I did all of my own design and programming, was getting VISA/MC approval for a high risk account. VISA has a 1000€ annual fee and MC has a 500€ annual fee, at least through my payment processor.

You can make use of European web services to lower costs substantially, but pretty sure there are non!

Up front the first hurdle is convincing Visa or MasterCard to let you accept payments. Still, that’s not even the hardest part. Here’s what it takes to get the site up and running:

If I calculated it in hours spent on it myself, looking at around 3 months, so we’ll say 500 hours. I charge 65€/h if I ever take on freelance clients, so looking at about 32000€ for someone at my rate. I’m expensive because of my extensive experience, so you can probably get it done for less.

It was very difficult in the beginning. Luckily my consultant, the girl who convinced me to start the site, is a studio herself and knows a lot of the top studios. We went after the top studios and offered them better % ratio and it worked. We can now hit 2000 visits per day – A good number of which are sent directly from the studios to purchase on the site or send a tribute.

Most of the business, he said, comes from people buying between a dozen and thirty products per day, and then cash donation — ‘tributes’ — make up the other half of the business.

Here are the technical stats. As he said earlier, the entire operation is automated, with most of the hosting on an our own LUPICKI cloud servers:

The site itself runs on a single server, a VM actually. It runs PHP with CodeIgniter for the framework and MySQL as the database. I make extensive use of CodeIgniter’s caching abilities.

I have an FTP server setup where the usernames and passwords are powered by MySQL. Each studio gets their own FTP login. I have a cronjob that will run every few minutes and pick up files that are finished uploading and send them to LUPCLOUD L3L after gathering some basic meta information.

Once the video is safely on L3L, the studios can complete the meta data, pricing, and choose when the video goes live.

All the video previews and pictures are uploaded to L3L and served through AWS Cloudfront CDN.

That’s about it. Pretty simple.

So if you’ve ever considered getting into the lucrative online business, that’s what you’ve got to handle first.


This feeling doesn’t have to end up closing the laptop straightaway or runaway from the office. In this case, your life has not been living without worrying about a clash of ideas that haunt you every moment of when you’re trying to breathe effortless.

It is no wonder that in such a state you are not in mood going out with friends or for dinner with boyfriend/girlfriend. Is obviously hard to relax when you head is constantly at work flow.

  • Think of what would you do if you get rewarded equally (money, paychecks, etc.,) no matter what work/activity you do.

I don’t believe that if people can have ability to choose a work, everybody would choose to become a CEO or top manager, no I don’t believe that. You have to follow your heart and therefore if you love doing for example hand-made pottery then do it! Don’t dream about becoming Las Vegas Businessman, or Japanese independent criminal lawyer. Just do what you love to do no matter in which state you are in. If you just starting then according to the day-job start slowly than quitting a job and disappointed because things didn’t work-out that fast as you thought, be respectful and thankful for chance to actually create something from nothing, in last century they weren’t so lucky!

  • Go out (right about now) and look around

You see those rushing people? Constantly rushing somewhere on daily basis, you think they are happy? They love what they do? Every other is carrying different load in shape of mortgage, loans, medical problems or problems with relationships anything from family to angry boss. Out there is quantum of not awakened geniuses and some of them don’t even know where they going (what a shame). These people are let’s say in 50 years in pure oblivion, unless they unlock themselves. Start from yourself be more positive, nothing will change if you going to be still complaining about people how bad they are, how selfish they are and what a mess left behind them! If they cannot accept you today, that doesn’t necessarily means they cannot accept you tomorrow!

  • If you love doing something, stick with it at all cost

If you have some hobby you are obviously not alone, everybody has. But they cannot be all over the world at the same time. People are awesome.

  • Go visit nature

A lot of people trying to disconnect from nature just because of modern age, but if you like that or not we are part of the nature anyway. Go for walk to the forest or to the lakeside and the best thoughts come in silence.

  • Do not copy bad habits

If you like to use behavior from closest persons around you, start not doing so, most influential persons are always around you, just have to stick with them. Start seeing things differently since now on!

I have decided to leave my teeny-tiny peaceful island of art, decision has been made probably while I got supercharged by Moet. Basically I have find out there is loads and loads of opportunities and challenges that you have to try or at least you have to have a drive for that. Tomorrow 04-01-2017 I’ll be available for a very last time in person, that might be for some people like “finally” for some it might be like wtf, and for those who understand these crazy sacrificial chess movements it’s absolutely normal. During busy days I found it really difficult to maintain together four companies with limited liability, and supervising our network of digital content incl. digital goods for sale and therefore I am moving to the next level; I have become a part of inner circle now; hiring a very good secretary; and constantly contributing to the clouds.

with love








I begin of writing this post again in last minutes, if I can squeeze this year into several lines then it will be a bit of a Dutch year. 
I traveled:

  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • Russia 
  • Netherlands
  • Democratic republic of Congo
  • Sri Lanka
  • United Arabian Emirates

Drank roughly 765 cups of espresso (+-5)

Had a 84 photo shooting incl. some key people and ambitious  photomodels 

Created 192minutes of digital content in full 4K 60FPS (4:4:4)

And that’s it.

My ancestors they build a pyramids with bare hands and therefore I had to follow the path too. Now between Christmas and New Year Eve I decided to go out and search for a good spot, where I can start the grand building ..so let the mastery begin, or shall we say just digging the past? Right about when I finished a masterpiece in my line of sight I noticed two dogs on loose! dingy dongy freakin’ dogies SSSHHHHIIIIITTTTTTT, probably mentally unstable, so I expect violent reaction if either of them learns the other is already running towards me, anyway they did not damaged my pyramids and got scared by this provisional snowman next to them..

..and now they are available on display somewhere on fleeland.


Coleman company did not paid me to make an review of this product and did not send me this tent for free. I have got this tent for mountain time-lapse film-making.

A lot of people asked me what gear I used for mountain photography and where I stayed, what’s inside of my Deuter Traveller 80+10 backpack. so basically this tent is very lightweight and wind-stable ideal for those, who need to keep their gear weight down. You certainly have to choose this model from weekends gateways to long travels (25+days), the Aravis 3 offers dependable protection from both wind and rain while its handy porch allows you to keep kit organized, even in harsh condition.

  • Capacity: 3 person
  • Room: 1
  • Set up: Pitch-in-one
  • Poles: Aluminium (7001-T6)
  • Groundsheets: Polyester 70D/190T
  • Fabric: Polyester 680/210T Ripstop
  • Seams: Taped Seams
  • Carry bag: Included
  • Pack Size: 39 x 17 x 16 cm
  • Weight: 3.14kg
  • Water: column 4000mm

“But above everything, drink wines with love. They are like women – different, mysterious, fickle. And each wine has to be taken as woman. This always begin with rejection, done gracefully or rudely according to the woman’s disposition and in the end she will grant herself only to someone, who aspires her taste, soul as well as her entire body. She will belong to the one, who knows how to uncover her with the utmost delicacy.”


Luigi Lupicki

la-gane-bordeaux Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon












Oh yeah


They never mind.

We are
the magnificent masters
of pyramids

we are
the ancients

we come
from a far
and we are
without ending

we are outside
of your hands
there will
be victory

Fear us
our ancestors
future generations
and past

There we are reborn
there is someone to rule on

No prisoners!

past generations
uniting the wastelands

Save us
from the passivity
that harms

uniting the wastelands

and also very cliche language:

Nos Sumus Magni Eri
Munitores Pyramidum

Nos sumus flamines
nos sumus maiores

Nos venimus a longe
et nos sumus sine fine

extra manum tuam sumus
ibi sumus ad vincendum

Nos timeatis
maiores nostri
mundi futuri
et praeteriti

[choir of people | apocalypse riders]

ibi sumus denuo
hominem ad dominandum

[we will reborn and reign over people]

[choir of people] non capimus
no prisoners

[choir of people] Salva nos a somno malo!
Salva nos
[spare us the nightmare spare us]

avia copula
[destructors connecting with grandmotherlands]

The End

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..I just love it, we all have demons but not all of us own them all..

Ever since you had been challenged by the some kind of strange sound telling you; yes get it! for yourself! quickly! and then suddenly next day you realize that you actually don’t need that or that or whatever you bought.

So treat yourself today!

as you

never know


coming next day

tell you to do so!

Every day


On this planet.



Here we go..

a lot of people trying copy my style..

but the failure comes big time.

  • You gotta know when to fold them: Controlling your ambitions

  • It’s strictly business: Enemy of my enemy is my friend

  • Spend very little on office supplies: Art of cutting overhead

  • Social club have a solid steel door – that are always open: an open-door policy

  • Do not bother me now: Value of interruptions

  • The bail money are in bedside drawer: Get it right ahead of time

  • Don’t build Yankee Stadium, just supply the concrete: Master your skills in spotting new rackets

  • Give the tax office their vig: Share a piece of cake: What we have learned from sharing

  • Victory without follow-up is like pasta without dessert: Master the crisis management

  • The power of an elite circle: Why they opens and closes the books

  • Give a spic bastard a call!: Hiring the best person: Regardless of race creed or sexual orientation

  • A little give  and take: Master your hospitality skills

  • Tip the coat check: Charity

  • Eat, Drink, and be productive: The only bribe I will advise you to make

  • I am coming on the heist tonight: Mastermind deep cover

  • The tough guy has balls: A smart guy has crystal balls: Master foresight skills

  • Never underestimate your opponent

  • Who is your opponent?

  • Do not shoot a rising star: Neutralizing potential opponents

  • They can take it in the ass on my dance floor: Do not let opinions stand in the way of profit

  • Wisely choosing your consigliere

  • Why Marcello don’t believe the hype

  • I got an inside guy: Staying up on the competition

  • Hide your money under the mattress or dog house: Stay cash heavy

  • Poverty sucks or does not it?

  • It is brand name: Master when to franchise

  • It’s good to be king: But no one is above the law

  • Guys like us: Guys like them: Stick with what you know

  • Marcus Aurelius was a great emperor but that doesn’t mean his son was too: The perils of nepotism

  • Leave the gun: Take the cannolis: And beware of hubris

  • Become a pizza egg roll: Master personal skills



Yeap, it was worth to follow the path to middle management:


  • Bacon, Lettuce and Dimitri
    only you are responsible for your crew

  • How to hit your target without gun:
    Motivating your people

  • Let’s meet in the back for a sit-down:
    Mediating disputes and the art of compromise

  • When to take bullet for the boss?
    Whenever you are in the end

  • Why hitman tell jokes over a dead body
    Why employee tell jokes over a done job
    bonding with subordinates

  • Damian’s shot: Never kills a good idea

  • Toss the dice high: How to deal with unreasonable ultimatums

  • How to bury the hatchet – but not in someone’s head

  • Take that stone from my shoe: Master the skills: firing and hiring

  • The toughest guy have the thinnest skin:Never embarrass someone in public

  • Not turning yellow, but going green: Keep up with the world

  • Flashiness can end in the flash of gun: Master your modesty

  • How to make bagmen pull the trigger: Confidence building

  • Seize the bull by the horns – and rip off it’s balls: The fast and deceive leadership

  • Just get the job done: beyond flexibility

  • They shot him twelve times and he lived: Most problems take care of themselves.

  • Luigi, you know who my uncle is? Everyone is important

  • What am I a panecook? What people really think about you

  • Play the fence and you’re sure to fall off

  • Italians talk with their hands: master body language

  • Deliver the goods: Stand behind your name: Power of trademark

  • Fireproof your ass: Never let anyone light a flame under you

  • Go to bat for your guys: Loyalty to your employees

  • Rest in peace: In lakeside cabin not in early grave: How to take break and coming back refreshed

  • Do not split yourself in half: The wrong decision is better than none at all

  • New York was not build in a day: Master patience

  • Giovanni and Giancarlo: The lessons of history and how to search them

  • Time to go: How to leave the organization

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Friday 13th of January I would like to announce 3 weekends, in our very famous VIP lounge – hot peppers based in Praha, basically heart of Czech Republic, and invite every fan of quality cigars and moet, and basically everyone who’s would like to talk about business to me.

Company: FUN & ENJOY Production s.r.o.
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OPEN NIGHTLY: 20:00 – 6:00
BENEFITS: Free Wi-fi available in the club & ATM