The EBU (European Broadcast Union) found that the Canon 1D-C offered “exceptional HD resolution from a full 4K source with very low aliasing, and good colour performance and motion portrayal.”  This means that Canon’s 12,000€ Cinema DSLR can offer high definition broadcast quality and can be used as an a camera on any european television production.

(I had no idea that shooters actually needed to have their cameras approved for use).

This is largely due to the fact that the 1D-C is 4K primarily giving it plenty of  room in post to output to 1080p.  And it will also future proof productions once the 4K broadcast spec is adopted by the EU.

#Beginning of December  #first snow  #hot models

I decided to write down a few places where to find a portrait models in Sweden especially in Swedish Lapland.

  • Kiruna
  • Pajala
  • Karesuando

People are open-minded, friendly and they like to talk, especially when you carry around something what they never seen before (expensive gear). Models who are interested in photography will notice someone like you.  Develop your shooting skills in -50C and enjoy the nature in Lapland, as well as the public arctic bars and arctic igloos  where you can find surprisingly a lot of potential.

Portrait Models [MADE IN SWEDEN]